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  • Swiveling Wall Charger

    Swiveling Wall Charger

    This swiveling wall charger’s practical design offers 180-degrees of flexibility so it won’t block other nearby outlets. This handy charger comes with 1 Quick Charge 3.0 USB port plus 2 AiPower USB ports in addition to a standard AC outlet.

  • Cactus Coasters

    Cactus Coasters

    I think Cactus Coasters would make the perfect present for a woman who’s: A) your boss or B) your girlfriend of 2 months of less. They’re cute, creative, and clever–all the Cs of a thoughtful lady-gift–but not so personal that giving them makes things awkward. Like, your boss probably won’t think she can expect a proposal by Valentine’s day, and your girlfriend.. Read More

  • 9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins

    9mm Bullet Casing Push Pins

    They pulled the trigger so you can push the pin. This set of 8 Bullet Casing Push Pins come to you and your cork board from real, once-fired, American-made 9mm bullets. Seller Lucky Shot promises the conversion of the casings to thumbtacks has rendered them completely safe for all to use. At least in the sense that they contain no.. Read More

  • EcoQubeC Aquarium

    EcoQubeC Aquarium

    The EcoQubeC Aquarium is for all the kiddies, girlfriends, and mamas on your gift listthis year who are responsible…ish. The desktop Betta fish tank does accommodate a single live fish, which will need to be fed and loved and sung to sleep each night, but thanks to an integrated aquaponics system on top, EcoQubeC owners will not have to clean out.. Read More

  • Sitting Robot Lamp

    Sitting Robot Lamp

    Give yourself a little company during those lonely study sessions by lighting your work space using this sitting robot lamp. This custom lamp is crafted from 1/2″ cast pipe that has been folded to resemble a little robot that is sitting down.

  • Hidden Message Sequin Pillow

    Hidden Message Sequin Pillow

    This hidden message sequin pillow is a living room must-have for any fashionable antisocial. This comfy handmade pillow sports an eye-catching shimmering sequin design with a dark yet comical “I fucking hate people” message underneath.

  • Mustache Hangers

    Mustache Hangers

    What better way to keep all your vintage hipster garments organized and well groomed than with the mustache hangers. Each hanger is made of heavy duty nickel plated metal and shaped like a burly mustache so you can show family and friends how hip you are.

  • License Plate Map Of The USA

    License Plate Map Of The USA

    The license plate map of the USA is one astounding piece of Americana no patriot or art lover should be without. This colossal map displays our good ol’ U.S. of A. in a way you’ve never seen her before – made up entirely of the license plates from all its great states.

  • Melting Clock

    Melting Clock

    Watch time melt away with these artsy melting clocks. Designed to be placed on a shelf or mantle and give off the appear that the clock is slowly melting away. Perfect for the home or office, these melting clocks will add a unique look anywhere you decide to place it.

  • Wooden Carpet

    Wooden Carpet

    This pure wooden carpet can bring the hardwood floor feel to even the ugliest of linoleum or parquet. This wooden rug can be rolled up and moved around easily, so you can just as easily class up your dining room area as you can the living room or master bedroom.

  • Balloon Lamps

    Balloon Lamps

    Light up your kid’s room with these suspended balloon lamps that look like a helium balloon got filled with glow stick fluid and was let go in the house. These balloon lamps are made from translucent satinized polyethylene and cleverly use the balloon string as the light switch.

  • Wooden Wall Sculpture

    Wooden Wall Sculpture

    Make any room in your home come to life with color and texture by displaying this wooden wall sculpture. This eye-catching piece is handmade from reclaimed wood, bundled and painted in a series of vibrant colors to produce a captivating visual effect.