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  • 18k Gold Diamond-Filled Pinata

    18k Gold Diamond-Filled Pinata

    Forget candy, this fabulous little 18K gold diamond-filled piñata is how all piñatas should be. Made in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, this little donkey is skillfully crafted from solid 18 karat gold and is filled with 50 small diamonds.

  • Shit Gold Pills

    Sh*t Gold Pills

    You might not be made of money, but now you can drop golden stools with these digestible sh*t gold pills. Your poo-poo will shine with a captivating glittery and golden hue – afterwards you can even sell your gold chocolate extract to those cash-4-gold jewelers!

  • Mini Sloth Felt Jewelry

    Mini Sloth Felt Jewelry

    Experience cuteness overload on a daily basis by complementing your outfit with this mini sloth felt jewelry. Handmade from 100% wool, this adorable little three-toed sloth gently hangs on a soft leatherette necklace to keep you company all day long.

  • Filippo Loreti Luxury Smart Watch

    Filippo Loreti Luxury Smart Watch

    Remain connected to the digital world without looking like you have a tiny tablet strapped to your wrist by opting for the Filippo Loreti luxury smart watch. It features the aesthetics of traditional timepieces while giving you access to music, photos, and notifications.

  • Forged Carbon Fiber Neon Rings

    Forged Carbon Fiber Neon Rings

    Add a modern and stylish spin to any outfit with one of these striking forged carbon fiber neon rings. They are lightweight yet incredibly strong, feature a comfortable ergonomic grip, and come in a variety of vibrant hues including blue, yellow, and green.49.00

  • Cat Ring Self Defense Tool

    Cat Ring Self Defense Tool

    Some kittehs can haz cheezburger. Other kittehs can mak yur face cheezburger. Like this kitteh, smithed into a sweet ring with conflict-ready stainless steel cat ears. I’d say it would make a great gift for your girlfriend, but I guess that really depends on the temperament of your girlfriend, and how likely she is to turn it on you when she’s.. Read More

  • Astronomical Watch

    Astronomical Watch

    Jacob & Co. have debuted this extravagant timepiece – the Astronomia Tourbillon. With our solar system as inspiration, this one of a kind watch’s movement is placed on a series of four arms that rotate around the entire dial each 20 minutes.

  • Enchanted Wooden Rings

    Enchanted Wooden Rings

    Make your outfit pop by accessorizing it with one of these enchanted wooden rings. Each handmade ring is crafted from exotic wood and complemented by a colorful epoxy resin gem on top that resembles a magical landscape.

  • Wooden Word Watch

    Wooden Word Watch

    Give a classy and creative spin to time telling by strapping on this wooden word watch. This unique timepiece features a lovely walnut case that can display the time of day in either a digital layout or short word layout simply by pressing the side button.

  • Jewelry Holder Tree

    Jewelry Holder Tree

    Display and store your jewelry with this elegant sculpted jewelry holding tree. There are many branches in this metallic tree that let you be creative in how you display your jewelry, and the tree itself is quite decorative, almost Bonsai like.

  • Breast Milk Jewelry

    Breast Milk Jewelry

    Commemorate your nursing journey by keeping a small memento of it with you forever with this breast milk jewelry. Each piece is topped off with an elegant creme colored pendant made using a mother’s actual breast milk.

  • E.T. Ring

    E.T. Ring

    Contact the unknown without drawing attention from the feds when wearing the E.T. ring. The ring’s accurate portrayal of E.T. will satisfy even the most hardcore movie fan while its antiquated copper finish make it great for all occasions, from formal events to phoning home.