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  • Pocketknife Shaped Utensil Organizer

    Pocketknife Shaped Utensil Organizer

    Brighten up your kitchen counter with color and style by using this pocketknife shaped organizer to store all your utensils. The functional design features four compartmentalized storage sections, providing a smart streamlined way of storing them.

  • Toaster Basket Utensil

    Toaster Basket Utensil

    Avoid burning your fingers upon retrieving your toast by placing it inside this handy toaster basket utensil. The heat resistant steel cage fits into the toaster slot so you can easily retrieve your toast or pastry while you hold on to the cool plastic handle.

  • Watermelon Knife

    Watermelon Knife

    The first slice of watermelon will taste better than ever when you cut it with the watermelon knife. This functional novelty knife makes slicing watermelon a blast. It features a razor sharp Japanese carbon steel blade whimsically designed with seed-shaped accents.

  • Burning Bush Magnet

    Burning Bush Magnet

    Commemorate the first time Moses hallucinated off of the lord’s divine herbs with the burning bush magnet. The iconic religious image of Moses standing before the burning bush receives a modern day twist that reflects our society’s unique brand of humor.

  • Time Locking Kitchen Container

    Time Locking Kitchen Container

    Control your gluttonous and impulsive eating habits by storing your favorite foods inside of the time locking kitchen container. This one of a kind container features a programmable lid that locks itself for up to 10 days, and cannot be opened until the timer runs out.

  • Calendar Sponge

    Calendar Sponge

    Did you know that dirty sponges are the number one source of bacteria in the household? It’s recommended that you replace a sponge after one month of regular use – so keep track of when each sponge needs replacing with these month displaying sponges.

  • Ultimate Bartending Tool

    Ultimate Bartending Tool

    Be prepared to whip up any drink order that comes your way when you have the ultimate bartending tool at your disposal. This alcoholic pocket knife comes equipped with ten essential tools of the trade in a convenient package you can easily transport.

  • Homemade Pasta Maker

    Homemade Pasta Maker

    Treat your family to some fine Italian cuisine prepared from scratch using this homemade pasta maker. This time-saving appliance lets you easily prepare up to one pound of fresh pasta with the perfect consistency in just fifteen minutes!

  • Moon Bowl

    Moon Bowl

    What better way to serve your out-of-this-world chips and dip than on the moon bowl. The 14″ bowl is decorated with a realistic image of the moon’s surface and is great for entertaining or everyday use. One small step for man, one giant leap for serving bowls.

  • Engraved Maze Rolling Pin

    Engraved Maze Rolling Pin

    Give your baked goodies some stunning visual appeal by baking them with this engraved maze rolling pin. Handmade from beech wood, the pin comes etched with an intricate maze-like pattern so your treats have some added texture and appeal.

  • Bacon Kitchen Towel

    Bacon Kitchen Towel

    By-pass the doubled-quilted paper towels next time there’s a mess in the kitchen and wipe it off with some bacon. The bacon kitchen towel is one long, savory and absorbent slice of bacon you can use for anything from clean ups to drying the dishes.

  • Three Section Frying Pan

    Three Section Frying Pan

    Cook your entire grease soaked well balanced breakfast all at once with this three section frying pan. It comes coated with a non-stick surface and features a convenient barrier system that oils and liquids cannot seep through.