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  • USA Shaped Cutting Board

    USA Shaped Cutting Board

    Give every meal a soupçon of patriotism when you prepare them on the USA shaped cutting board. While the novelty shape of this bamboo cutting board provides a great workstation, it also makes it an ideal serving platter when freedom loving guests come over.

  • Mason Jar Shaker

    Mason Jar Shaker

    Prepare the best moonshine cocktails this side of the Mississippi with the mason jar shaker. This quality southern style shaker features a 3 piece stainless steel lid combined with a 32 oz. glass mason jar that creates a vintage look that’ll add personality to any home bar.

  • Spaghetti Measuring Tool

    Spaghetti Measuring Tool

    If you are so hungry you could eat a horse, then get this spaghetti measuring tool to ensure you grab the right amount for a horse to pasta ratio. Or if you are just looking to cook for a few people, the spaghetti measuring tool can help you grab just the right amount too.

  • Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

    Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer

    Ensure your meals are cooked to perfection by preparing your poultry with the Bluetooth kitchen thermometer. Instead of having to constantly check up on your bird, it lets you monitor everything from your phone so you know when it’s at just the right point.

  • LEGO Salt And Pepper Shakers

    LEGO Salt And Pepper Shakers

    Add a nostalgic childhood splash of fun to your kitchen and/or dining room table with these LEGO Salt and Pepper shakers. These eye catching salt and pepper shakers look like the traditional LEGO heads with some interesting personalities.

  • Tattoo Oven Mitt

    Tattoo Oven Mitt

    The tattoo oven mitt will make you look as tough as an old time sailor, even while baking muffins. This protective mitt keeps your hands safe when cooking with hot pots and pans, and gives you the tattooed sleeves and muscley forearms you’ve always dreamed of having.

  • Superhero Mini Cake Molds

    Superhero Mini Cake Molds

    Bake some bite sized crime fighters with these mini cake molds! Included in these geeky set of non-stick finish super hero cake molds are Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Spider Man, Wolverine, and the Hulk – perfect for baking some cool munchies for a kid’s birthday party.

  • Removable Strainer Bowl

    Removable Strainer Bowl

    Clean fruits and vegetables instantly without making a mess by placing them inside this removable strainer bowl. This dishwasher safe bowl features a built in strainer that reduces 60% of the water needed to wash food compared to traditional methods.

  • Solar System Cutting Board

    Solar System Cutting Board

    Let your inner astronomer shine through in the kitchen when you prepare your meals with the solar system cutting board. This bamboo cutting board comes engraved with all of our solar system planets and provides ample space for prepping ingredients.

  • The Big Lebowski Coaster Set

    The Big Lebowski Coaster Set

    Don’t let those delicious White Russians leave water stains on your tables – with The Big Lebowski coaster set you’ll have the Dude and company to protect your furniture from drink sweat. It’s the best coaster money can buy, but that’s just like our opinion, man.

  • Microwave Pasta Cooker

    Microwave Pasta Cooker

    Prepare delectable gourmet meals in mere minutes using this microwave pasta cooker. Made from 100% platinum silicone, it’s designed to never overflow and will save you a ton of time by allowing you to cook without ever having to boil water.

  • Automatic Jar Opener

    Automatic Jar Opener

    Stop wasting your time trying to open jars with those puny noodles you call arms – because now you can employ the services of the automatic jar opener and easily pop up the top of your favorite foods while weeping over your diminutive physique.