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  • Multi-Use Survival Machete

    Multi-Use Survival Machete

    If you’re heading into the wild, don’t do so without this multi-use survival machete. This ultra versatile and deadly high-carbon steel machete sports an ergonomic ash wood handle and can be utilized as a machete, a shovel, a brush axe, and a knife.

  • Victorinox Fixed Blade Knife

    Victorinox Fixed Blade Knife

    The renowned maker of the iconic Swiss Army knives have at long last released their first ever fixed blade knife. This well crafted Victorinox knife features a full tang design that provides optimal strength for the razor-sharp drop point blade.

  • Needle Blade Meat Tenderizer

    Needle Blade Meat Tenderizer

    Ensure your main course is as savory, soft, and juicy as ever by prepping it with this needle blade meat tenderizer. This 48-blade tenderizer forms tiny channels within the meat in order to break down the connective tissues which make meat tough and chewy.

  • Mini Cleaver Fixed Blade Knife

    Mini Cleaver Fixed Blade Knife

    Whether you’re at the job site or on the trail, this mini cleaver fixed blade knife is a must-have for your utility belt. It sports a machined aluminum handle that provides an excellent grip and comes with a multi-mount sheath that can be oriented in two positions.

  • Nata Modern Hatchet Knife

    Nata Modern Hatchet Knife

    Get the functionality of an axe with the convenience of traditional knife by using the Nata modern hatchet knife. It boasts a 6.5″ fixed blade with a wide rectangular shape that is designed to keep the mass behind the entire length of the edge for improved performance.

  • fine-edge-scraping-and-cutting-keychain-knife-gerber-640x533

    Fine Edge Keychain Knife

    Whether you need to slice open an envelope or cut open a box this fine edge keychain knife is the tool for the job. It features a small razor-sharp blade that is ideal for cutting and scraping and comes with a sturdy key ring so that you can conveniently tote it around.

  • Gerber Fastball Knife

    Gerber Fastball Knife

    Look no further than the Gerber Fastball knife if you’re in the market for a dependable piece that you can use day after day. It features a sleek design topped off with a clip for convenient carry and a fine edge S30V Wharncliffe blade that you can easily deploy with only one hand.

  • Fortel Transforming Knife

    Fortel Transforming Knife

    The Fortel transforming knife is part weapon, part tool, part utensil, and 100% useful. This curious knife comes in a baton-styled sheath the lifts off to reveal a razor sharp blade on one end and two metallic prongs on the other end so you use them as a fork and knife combo.

  • Damascus Double Round Edge Knife

    Damascus Double Round Edge Knife

    This incredible Damascus double round edge dagger knife is as beautiful as it is deadly. Measuring ten inches from tip to tip, it boasts a razor sharp five inch double round blade that displays an incredibly alluring pattern that is sure to make this your favorite piece.

  • Multi-Tool Nose Pliers Pocket Knife

    Multi-Tool Nose Pliers Pocket Knife

    No matter what task you need to accomplish, this multi-tool nose pliers pocket knife is sure to have the right tool for the job. It features a solid stainless steel construction and comes loaded with 18 ultra useful everyday tools ranging from mini pliers to a trusty razor sharp blade.

  • Rambo Bowie Tactical Survival Knife

    Rambo Bowie Tactical Survival Knife

    Slice through any thing that comes you way in the wild by arming yourself with this Rambo Bowie tactical survival knife. This massive fixed blade full tang knife features real wooden handle along with a 10.25″ 440 stainless steel blade.

  • Titanium Runner’s Anywhere Knife

    Titanium Runner’s Anywhere Knife

    The titanium runner’s anywhere knife is the mini ultra-lightweight titanium utility knife designed to be worn in the toughest environments the world over. Its small size, versatility, and durability make it the ideal tool for anyone.