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  • Peacock Projection Light

    Peacock Projection Light

    This peacock projection light will transform any plain wall into a brilliant work of art. This creatively designed night light will emit a spectacular multi-colored plumage of light that you can conveniently customize with a handy remote.

  • Kogalla Ra Adventure Light

    Kogalla Ra Adventure Light

    Keep the excursion going long after the sun sets with the Kogalla Ra adventure light. As bright as 5 high-quality headlamps, the design allows for ultra-wide light dispersion and also straps onto your torso for convenient hands-free use.

  • PlayStation Controller Buttons Light

    PlayStation Controller Buttons Light

    What better way to create a little mood lighting in your game room than with this PlayStation controller buttons light? This geeky USB and battery powered music reactive light piece measures approximately 12″ wide by 4″ tall and features 2 cool lighting modes.

  • Optical Illusion 3D Skull Light

    Optical Illusion 3D Skull Light

    Smiley, spooky, glow-y, and eco-friendly to boot. This optical illusion 3D Skull Light is USB-powered and fitted with LED bulbs able to burn in a spectrum of colors that blaze through an intricate grid of laser-cut acrylic glass. The glass measures just 4mm thick, so turn the light sideways and you’ll see exactly why the skull’s 3D appearance is called.. Read More

  • Fire & Ice Light Show

    Fire & Ice Light Show

    You might not be able to flip it back on at Christmas like the Illuminator light projector, but Gemmy’s Fire & Ice spotlight is about half the cost for twice the evil. Its orange LEDs shine through a crystallized dome cover to project fiery (yet, ironically, icy looking) flames of hell against any indoor or outdoor surface. The light plugs into a.. Read More

  • Lytro Immerge - Light Field VR Camera

    Lytro Immerge – Light Field VR Camera

    Lytro Immerge brings the Light Field to cinematic virtual reality. Though intended more for professionals than YouTube hobbyists, the forthcoming spaceship of a camera says it can create “lifelike presence” in live action recordings thanks to the aliens living inside it its six degrees of freedom tech. I could tell you more about what that means, but: 1) since we’re talking visuals.. Read More

  • USB Book & Disco Party Light

    USB Book & Disco Party Light

    From nose buried in Organic Chemistry to ass shakin’ to the Chemical Brothers. This USB LED light might be small, but its versatility and output are mighty. Plug the USB into a laptop, power bank, or any other USB outlet and select from 3W of solid white LED Business or auto-rotating RGB Party. A flexible 4″ metal cable adjusts light direction and.. Read More

  • The Million Mile Light

    The Million Mile Light

    Yes, the Million Mile Light will go for a million miles, but only if you can. The tiny, battery-free clip-on device is powered by motion, and intended as a safety light for runners, walkers, and breakdancers engaging in spontaneous midnight throwdowns. The Million Mile Light generates a pulse of 30-lumen light with each stride, regardless of how fast, slow, or.. Read More

  • Bat-Signal Smartphone Light

    Bat-Signal Smartphone Light

    Holy contemporary America, Batman! Even the Bat-Signal has been shrunk, 3D-printed, and made available for Millennials’ personal use as a distress call! Like when a company has the nerve to turn them away when they show up an hour late for an interview. Or when the mother F’ing Uber they called says it will be there in 3 minutes and they’ve.. Read More

  • Beam Light Socket Smart Projector

    Beam Light Socket Smart Projector

    That video of me and my girlfriend making sweet, hot…honey chipotle chicken for dinner? Beam it down, Scotty. We’ll watch it later projected onto the back wall of the bedroom. And then maybe later on the living room coffee table. The desk in the front entry vestibule. The office conference room with all the VPs in from the East Coast... Read More

  • SureFire Sidekick 300-Lumen Keychain Light

    SureFire Sidekick 300-Lumen Keychain Light

    Way less annoying than Robin, way less creepy than Mini-Me, and way, way more useful than George Costanza, say hello to your SureFire Sidekick. Despite being a keychain-sized 2-1/2″ long, this high-performance, click-switch flashlight can output 3 levels and up to 300 lumens of smooth maxvision beams optimized for the human eye. (In other words, shining the Sidekick will illuminate.. Read More

  • Flame Simulating LED Light Bulb

    Flame Simulating LED Light Bulb

    Create a romantic candle-lit ambiance without running the risk of accidentally burning down your home by using these flame simulating LED light bulbs. These energy saving LEDs are designed to flicker like real candles to give off an inviting warm glow.