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  • Self-Assist Choking Emergency Device

    Self-Assist Choking Emergency Device

    Heimlich Helper is the self-assist choking emergency device that should be in every home. This lightweight device allows you to effectively and securely administer the Heimlich maneuver in the case that you’re choking and there’s no one around to help.

  • Puzzle Lights

    Puzzle Lights

    Make any room in your home come to life by creating some eye-catching ambient lighting by putting together your very own puzzle light. Each kit comes with 30 individual pieces that you can assemble to 1 of 15 possible lamps designs.

  • Giant LED Edison Bulb

    Giant LED Edison Bulb

    Give your home some old world charm by flicking on this giant LED Edison bulb. This massive 220 volt bulb is a sure-fire conversation piece that measures almost 1 foot long and has a lifespan of around 3,000 hours – making this a great addition of any room in your home.

  • Rocket Moon Wall Clock

    Rocket Moon Wall Clock

    Give the mundane task of telling time a fun out-of-this-world twist by hanging up this cool rocket moon wall clock. Thanks to the clock’s clever design, you’re treated to an ongoing flight flow as the small rocket orbits around the crater-filled moon ever sixty seconds.

  • Neon Hello Sign

    Neon Hello Sign

    Add a friendly and welcoming ambiance to your house by flicking on this stunning neon “hello” sign. This eye-catching vibrant little light comes with built-in eyelets for easy hanging and also includes a long USB cable so that you can conveniently connect it to your laptop.

  • Modern LED Wall Clock

    Modern LED Wall Clock

    Keeping track of time will be more convenient than ever when you hang up this modern LED wall clock in your home or office. This 3D interpretation of a traditional digital clock comes with built-in sensors that change the brightness of the digits depending on the time of day.

  • HAL 9000 Wall Clock

    HAL 9000 Wall Clock

    Give your home a futuristic sci-fi feel by letting the HAL 9000 wall clock inform you of the time. This battery operated clock’s face is designed to look like the haunting red eye of the HAL 9000 from the iconic film 2001: A Space Odyssey.

  • Rainbow Neon Wall Light

    Rainbow Neon Wall Light

    Add a little color and flair to your bedroom by creating some quaint ambient lighting from this rainbow neon wall light. It can be easily mounted onto any wall and emits a colorful and soothing light that also makes this a great night light.

  • Fibonacci Clock

    Fibonacci Clock

    Philippe Chretien created his Fibonacci Clock for “nerds with style.” And, more importantly, nerds with the smarts to perform complex mathematical equations in their head whenever they want to use the Fibonacci Clock to tell time. Well, reasonably complex mathematical equations. OK, addition and multiplication. The Fibonacci Clock depicts the first 5 terms in the Fibonacci sequence: 1, 1, 2, 3,.. Read More

  • SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

    SensorWake Smell-Based Alarm Clock

    Smells are powerful things. Particularly those of pubescent feet and dirty farts. But freshly baked croissants, brewing coffee, and cut grass can leave a decent impact too. Decent and, according to SensorWake, waaaaay more pleasant than a blaring alarm. That’s why this digital alarm clock is making the move to lure you out of your night’s slumber (and lure you into.. Read More

  • Rhei Liquid Display Clock

    Rhei Liquid Display Clock

    First thing’s first: if you want to see what’s so special about Rhei, fast forward to 1:50 in the above video to bypass the dramatic buildup and jump straight to the action flow. Developed and realized by Damjan Stankovic and Marko Pavlovic, Rhei is a clock with a liquid display. It still keeps perfect time and visibly “ticks” away the minutes and.. Read More

  • Pumpktris - The Tetris Pumpkin

    Pumpktris – The Tetris Pumpkin

    Happy Freak Night, kids! Or, if bone-chilling masks and gory body parts aren’t your thing, Happy Tame & Friendly Halloween! Do you know that yesterday someone who owns a child told me his kid’s school allows Halloween parties and costumes, but only if the latter are “helping” costumes. Like, costumes representing people who help others. So Tony Jr. can go as a doctor.. Read More