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  • Beer Foam Message Printer

    Beer Foam Message Printer

    Keep your thirsty patrons coming back for more by giving drinks a personal touch using this beer foam message printer. This printer-like device makes it possible to easily create a custom message in the beer’s frothy head.

  • Osaka Thermal Shock Proof Coffee Mug

    Osaka Thermal Shock Proof Coffee Mug

    The Osaka coffee mug isn’t Japanese, but it did get its name from the city on Japan’s Honshu island, whose bumpin’ coffee shops and brewing techniques inspired the makers of this unique, glass-based line. The cup is made of Borosilicate glass, designed to be resistant to thermal shock and condensation, and therefore receptive to your French press, iced, or pour-over.. Read More

  • Serpentine Dragon Mug

    Serpentine Dragon Mug

    This dragon mug is cool enough on its own and all, but the real draw here is the discount. Originally priced at $1,995, at printing this bad boy of fire was on sale for a whopping 99% off! From $2 grand to less than $20! I wonder what’s wrong with it. I wonder if it has a hole in the.. Read More

  • Beast Head Shot Glasses

    Beast Head Shot Glasses

    Try some hair of the dog from the head of the bear. Become strong like bull with shot from bull. Take off the sheep’s clothing with 1.7 ounces of 151 straight from the wolf. Look into the eye of the tiger as it sends the juice of the agave down the hatch of the mouth. Be like the rhino and…um…I.. Read More

  • Planetary Glass Set

    Planetary Glass Set

    On top of their sweet swirly interpretations of what our solar system would look like if it were made of heat-wrapped glass and sized for juice drinking and candle burning, two things are cool about ThinkGeek’s Planetary Glass set: 1) It includes the sun and Pluto; and 2) The sun glass is bigger than the other planets and the Pluto.. Read More

  • Chinese Fisherman Tea Bag Holders

    Chinese Fisherman Tea Bag Holders

    Jiang Ziya, also known as Jiang Taigong, was a Chinese statesmen and strategist for Ji Chang, King Wen of the Zhou State, and helped him overthrow the Shang Dynasty to establish the Zhou Dynasty. Legend has it that before the Zhou rose to dynastic power Ji Chang found Jiang Taigong fishing along a river with an unbent fish hook. This.. Read More

  • The Pint Canteen

    The Pint Canteen

    Why The Pint? Because you’re the outdoorsy, trekking-through-the-woods, fishing-in-the-streams, sleeping-under-the-stars type, and sometimes your hike / catch / little prayer before bed goes better with a long drink of…not water. Anything but water. The Pint is a canteen, but with a twist and flip of its lids, The Pint becomes a cup. The 16-ounce Pint bottle is made of insulated.. Read More

  • Han Solo DL-44 Blaster Flask Prototype

    Han Solo DL 44 Blaster Flask Prototype

    Han shot first. Then Luke threw back 16. Soon you’ll be able to do the same. Maybe. if Industries has developed this prototype for a DL-44 Blaster Flask, which might turn into a full-on BlasTech Industries-scale production run if you hit up if with Likes, inquiries, polite requests, and teary, snot-soaked pleas. The Blaster flask, cleverly titled the Fist Shot,.. Read More

  • Up Yours Mug

    Up Yours Mug

    Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Orrrr…go the passive aggressive route and leave this Up Yours mug on your co-worker’s desk when he and the rest of your team are in a meeting and you’re sure no one else will see that it’s you who put it there. Makes a swell White Elephant gift too! Again, as long.. Read More

  • Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set

    Star Wars Planetary Glassware Set

    From the Milky Way to a galaxy far, far away. After our own solar system proved to be a stellar success amongst MVEMJSUN lovers, Star Wars is taking its turn to front Think Geek’s latest Planetary Glassware Set. Meet ADTDHE: Alderaan; Death Star*; Tatooine; Dagobah; Hoth; and Endor*. Six byoo-tee-ful representations of the Star Wars universe fashioned into 10-ounce bringers of the drink. Note:.. Read More

  • Slow Joe Zombie Mug

    Slow Joe Zombie Mug

    No, you are not seeing a hideously realistic zombie on the face of this mug just because you haven’t had your coffee yet today. The zombie is real. Well, as real as Turkey Merck Pottery can make him with stoneware, ceramic slip casting, and hand-sculpted highlights. Zombie fan or not, you have to admit the effect is phenomenal. The Slow.. Read More

  • BenShot Bullet Shot Glass

    BenShot Bullet Shot Glass

    Shot through the glass / And you’re to blame / Guess I’m lucky you / Got bad aim (bad aim). And I’m even luckier my glass appears to be bulletproof. BenShot hand-sculpts all of these bullet-impaled shot glasses (and rocks glasses too) in their Wisconsin studio. When the glass hits temperatures of 1,000+ degrees F it becomes malleable, at which.. Read More