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  • Self Defense Buddha Beads Necklace

    Self Defense Buddha Beads Necklace

    Remain at peace but ready to throw down if the situation should arise by carrying around this self defense Buddha beads necklace. This 40-inch long chain comes fitted with 108 small 10mm beads that you can wear as an accessory or use to deter a would-be attacker.

  • Harmonica Necklace

    Harmonica Necklace

    Create beautiful music wherever you go while adding an instrumental touch to your outfit with the harmonica necklace. This enchantingly functional necklace comes on a thin 28″ brass chain and features a small 1 3/8″ harmonica you can actually play.

  • Kim And Kanye Necklace Set

    Kim And Kanye Necklace Set

    Show your selfie queen you’re a match made in narcissistic heaven with this Kim and Kanye necklace set. Each plastic pendant features the beautiful mug of one half of the glorified power couple attached to a lovely silver chain.

  • Geometric Bib Necklace

    Geometric Bib Necklace

    Make your outfit pop with this eye-catching geometric bib necklace. This silver and brass necklace features a series of handmade hexagons arranged into a lovely asymmetrical design that you can adjust from 17″ to 22.5″ wide.

  • Veins And Arteries Necklace

    Veins And Arteries Necklace

    Study for your anatomy test by accessorizing your outfit with the veins and arteries necklace. This custom piece sports a network of red and blue glass beads intricately arranged to resemble the arteries and veins found in your neck area.

  • DJ Turntable Necklace

    DJ Turntable Necklace

    Jazz up your look with some musical flair by accenting your outfit with this DJ turntable necklace. This fashionable piece sports a small handmade turntable pendant that comes with a small personally engraved record on top.

  • Caffeine Molecule Necklace

    Caffeine Molecule Necklace

    Show off your love for caffeinated beverages in a subtle way by accenting your outfit with this caffeine molecule necklace. It’s crafted from sterling silver and accented with a 1.5″ wide caffeine molecule pendant – making this ideal for any fashionable coffee lover.

  • Calculator Boobs Necklace

    Calculator Boobs Necklace

    Become the coolest kid in junior high school when you show up to class rocking the calculator boobs necklace. This sterling silver necklace sports a “80085” pendant paying homage to the legendary calculator technique we all did as young whippersnappers.

  • Beauty & The Beast Rose Vial Necklace

    Beauty & The Beast Rose Vial Necklace

    Give your look a regal touch fit for royalty by putting on this Beauty and the Beast rose vial necklace. This darling little accent piece features a small handmade rose shedding its brightly colored pedals inside the small glass vial.

  • Tooth Fairy Necklace

    Tooth Fairy Necklace

    How terrifying would your childhood have been if you were told that the tooth fairy was a psychotic serial killer? Using legally acquired real human molars, the tooth fairy necklace is a truly morbid interpretation of the fabled fantasy figure who visits you while you sleep.

  • LEGO Block Necklace

    LEGO Block Necklace

    Show off your nostalgic side with this LEGO inspired block necklace. Cast in a highly finished stainless steel and accompanied by an 18″ chain, the LEGO block necklace will remind you of simpler times when the only worries you had were stepping on jagged LEGO blocks.

  • Ninja Throwing Stars Necklace

    Ninja Throwing Stars Necklace

    Be forever ready for battle by accenting your outfit with the ninja throwing stars necklace. This fashionably deadly necklace displays a sterling silver pendant, crafted into a unique interlinked Japanese throwing stars design. They’re great for unleashing the ninja within.