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  • Kodak Photo Printer Dock

    Kodak Photo Printer Dock

    Uh, a printed 4 x 6 selfie on the fridge where only me and my 3 friends who come over will be able to see it, rather than a digital selfie posted to Instagram where all 976 of my “friends”–plus maybe millions of other people in the world who stumble upon my public account–can have a look (and a Like!.. Read More

  • Shark’s Mouth Water Slide

    Shark’s Mouth Water Slide

    Teach your kids that diving head first into the gaping jaws of a man-eating shark can be fun with shark’s mouth water slide. With all the excitement of a typical slip and slide, this toy features a great white shark that dares any brave soul to slide right into his mouth.

  • Human Thumb Tacks

    Human Thumb Tacks

    Add a “human touch” to your office’s bulletin board with these disturbingly realistic human thumb tacks. With their creatively eerie design, they literally redefine the term ‘thumb’ tack and bring some levity to the an otherwise drab workday.

  • Middle Finger Paperclips

    Middle Finger Paperclips

    Let out your repressed white collar rage while staying organized with these middle finger paperclips. Whether you want to say “fuck you” to the actual documents, or the intended recipients, the middle finger paperclips are great for blowing off some steam in the office.

  • Modern Style Ashtray

    Modern Style Ashtray

    This modern style ash tray is a great accessory for any modern style homes or apartments. The ash tray packages include the pebbles shown in the photo, or you can switch it out for any pebbles or other objects you want to put inside of it.

  • T-Rex Staple Remover

    T-Rex Staple Remover

    Own the coolest staple remover on the cubicle block by grabbing one of these T-Rex staple removers. This clever design looks like a T-Rex and kind of makes you wonder how well they would do in a corporate environment had they not gone extinct.

  • Ghostbusters Model Car

    Ghostbusters Model Car

    No vehicle is more fit for the title of Hawttt Hot Wheels than the Ecto-1 Ghostbuster mobile. This extremely detailed 1:18 scale die-cast replica is a must have item for Ghostbusters fans, vintage Cadillac lovers, and unusual movie prop collectors.

  • Reusable Zip Ties

    Reusable Zip Ties

    With versatility that rivals duct tape, the reusable zip ties are the household item you never knew you needed. Whether you need to tie a bag or bind objects together or organize cables, there’s no job they can’t preform – it’s rubber bands for the 21st century.

  • Multi Outlet Plug Man

    Multi Outlet Plug Man

    The multi outlet plug man is a 4 plug outlet divider that is shaped like a little hang man. This outlet plug man is useful when connecting large A/C electronics that often times block the adjacent outlet in a typical multi plug outlet strip.

  • Rotating Wall Outlet

    Rotating Wall Outlet

    Bulky chargers won’t clutter your outlets anymore when you install these rotating wall outlets. These innovative wall outlets properly cater to your modern lifestyle by rotating 360 degrees so you can plug virtually anything in without blocking the other outlet.

  • F-Bomb Paperweight

    F-Bomb Paperweight

    Now you can drop f-bombs all day long and be commended for your organization and professionalism around the workplace with the f-bomb paperweight. Made from recycled steel, it’s great for keeping memos neat and tidy on your desk.

  • Beaver Pencil Sharpener

    Beaver Pencil Sharpener

    The beaver pencil sharpener will guarantee you’re always equipped with the pointiest writing utensils in the the entire room. With their love for chomping on wood, just a few seconds inside the chrome plated beaver’s mouth is all it’ll take to get the job done.