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  • Mashable Enter Key Plush

    Mashable Enter Key Plush

    Help keep stress levels low while you work by taking out your frustration and anger on this mashable enter key plush. This functional enter key throw pillow connects your PC via USB and contains a giant puffy sponge inside so that you can smash it as hard as you want.

  • Plush Unicorn Slippers

    Plush Unicorn Slippers

    Make your soul sucking weekday morning a bit more magical with the plush unicorn slippers. These cuddly and whimsical morning slippers fits most adult sizes, are easy to clean, and make you feel like you’re walking on unicorn shaped clouds.

  • Dismembering Limbs Plush Zombie

    Dismembering Limbs Plush Zombie

    Sharpen your survival skills for the apocalypse by practicing your moves on the dismembering limbs plush zombie. This quirky zombie can’t seem to catch a break – apart from being infected, he also has to deal with having his Velcro limbs constantly torn off.

  • Plush Fire Logs

    Plush Fire Logs

    Warm your hands and body as you cozy up to the plush fire logs during a cold winter night. Made with vibrant colors and an incredibly soft fabric, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with how comfortable you feel while resting your head over an open fire.

  • Flappy Bird Plush

    Flappy Bird Plush

    With the Flappy Bird plush you’ll finally be able to get revenge on that annoying little bird for the hours of frustration he’s caused you. Now you can send this soft and cuddly Flappy Bird through whatever you’d like without breaking a thing.

  • Pam’s Dolphin Puppet Plush

    Pam’s Dolphin Puppet Plush

    Ensure your office runs as smooth as the well oiled machine that is ISIS with Pam’s dolphin puppet plush. He’s great for discussing those touchy office issues like a coworker’s high functioning alcoholism or the ant problem plaguing the office.

  • Blobfish Plush

    Blobfish Plush

    The blobfish plush is so soft and cuddly that it just might make you think the ugliest aquatic creature known to man is actually kind of cute. Weighing in at two feet in length, this charming yet unbelievably ugly animal makes a great gift for Deadliest Catch fans.

  • Personalized Kid’s Plush Dolls

    Personalized Kid’s Plush Dolls

    Turn your kid’s paper drawings into cute and cuddly plush dolls using this specialized service from Budsies. You simply email a picture of your child’s artwork and in a few short weeks you’ll have a customized plushie delivered right to your doorstep.

  • Breaking Bad Plush Dolls

    Breaking Bad Plush Dolls

    The dynamic duo of Walt and Jesse are back and cuddly than ever. The Breaking Bad plush dolls reunite the legendary pair once more for a brand new set of adventures like hanging around the bed, watching TV and helping you with your chemistry homework.

  • Harry Potter Plush Pillow

    Harry Potter Plush Pillow

    With the Harry Potter plush pillow you’ll be able to cuddle up with your favorite Hogwart’s alum whenever you’re in need of some company. This custom made plush features Harry’s trademark round spectacles, lighting shaped scarf, and Gryffindor scarf.

  • Zerg Overlord Plush

    Zerg Overlord Plush

    Increase your food supply while upgrading your crafting skills when you spawn the Zerg Overlord plush sewing pattern. This cloaked unit detecting plushie can be crafted by virtually anyone with a sewing machine and is great for scouting the neighborhood for cheesers.

  • Hadoken Plush Ball

    Hadoken Plush Ball

    Ensure victory during your next pillow fight by harnessing the power of the Hado martial arts using this Hadoken plush ball. It sports an ultra soft plush exterior ideal for snuggling and comes shaped like the iconic Hadoken fire balls.