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  • Ultra Portable Underwater Drone

    Ultra Portable Underwater Drone

    This ultra portable underwater drone makes ocean exploration more convenient than ever. This small and very capable swimmer does the hard work for you – it will dive down to a depth of 32.8-feet and transmit what it captures directly to your smartphone.

  • Jurassic Park Kids Ride-On Jeep

    Jurassic Park Kids Ride-On Jeep

    Ensure your kid’s day is filled with fun and adventure by placing him behind the wheel of this Jurassic Park ride-on Jeep. It comfortably seats 2, tops out at 5 miles per hour, and comes fitted with onboard speakers that emit cool dinosaur roaring sound effects.

  • Kahuna Mega Blast Inflatable Water Park

    Kahuna Mega Blast Inflatable Water Park

    Turn your backyard into the coolest place in the entire neighborhood by blowing up the Kahuna Mega Blast inflatable water park. It boasts two continuous water blasting cannons and an ample sliding surface that is big enough for several kids to slide down at once.

  • Mermaid Tail Bobber

    Mermaid Tail Bobber

    Transform your backyard pool into an exotic mermaid watering hole using these colorful tail bobbers. They measure over three feet tall, they’re screen printed by hand with a colorful mermaid tail design, and come with a hollow base that you fill with water for upright floating.

  • Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boats

    Motorized Water Blaster Bumper Boats

    Turn a regular trip to the pool into an action-packed day using these motorized water blaster bumper boats. Each boat is propelled by an electric 12-volt motor and comes with a front-mounted blaster that shoots pressurized water up to 20 feet in distance.

  • Inflatable Clamshell Float

    Inflatable Clamshell Float

    Feel like a mermaid soaking up the rays in a secluded cove by laying out on this inflatable clamshell float. The float features a beautiful matte finish, measures 3’10” x 4’2″ x 1’8″, and comes with an extra large double valve for quick inflation and deflation.

  • Unicorn Pool Float

    Unicorn Pool Float

    Add a whimsical touch to your magical pool day by lounging around on this unicorn pool float. This 45 inch wide tube is made from premium vinyl raft material that’s 25% thicker than traditional floats and comes with a rapid-inflate valve for quick inflation.

  • Battleship Floating Beer Pong

    Battleship Floating Beer Pong

    Add an entire new level of difficulty and realism to a classic game by playing a few rounds of Battleship floating beer pong. Simply fill up the cups with the beverage of your choice and start bombarding your enemy for a day of fun and inebriation.

  • Giant Cockroach Float

    Giant Cockroach Float

    Looking for a little room to relax in a crowded pool? No problem – the giant cockroach float has you covered! Once your creepy-crawler float is fully inflated everyone in a one mile radius will run at the sight of a 6 foot long cockroach treading water in the pool.

  • Floating Cocktail Table

    Floating Cocktail Table

    Stop getting out of the pool every time you want a drink – now you can keep them nearby on this floating cocktail table! Made from a durable stain and fade resistant fabric, this fluffy table comes with 4 cup holders and a convenient built-in bucket holder.

  • Pizza Slice Inflatable Pool Float

    Pizza Slice Inflatable Pool Float

    Make your pool day even better by bringing along a few slices in the form of this pizza slice inflatable pool float. This giant vinyl float measures 48 inches in diameter and comes covered in gooey pepperoni and cheese slices.

  • Floating Beverage Caddy

    Floating Beverage Caddy

    The floating beverage caddy will ensure your glass stays chilled and refilled all day long without you having to get out of the pool. The caddy features a durable stain resistant material and comes with specialized cup holders in addition to a pitcher holder.