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  • PWR27 Portable Power Station

    PWR27 Portable Power Station

    The PWR27 portable power station is the ultimate solution to all your charging needs. This A/C powerbank is equipped with a massive 27,000 mAh battery capable of charging up to 5 devices simultaneously and features an incredibly sturdy waterproof and dustproof casing.

  • Portable Off-Grid Solar Electricity System

    Portable Off-Grid Solar Electricity System

    Transform any off-grid structure into an electrified home using this portable off-grid solar electricity system. This portable system includes 2 hanging lights, a motion sensing light, a 6W solar panel, and a handy control box so that you can easily distribute power to your devices.

  • AC Outlet Portable Charger

    A/C Outlet Portable Charger

    Powering your devices when you’re on-the-go is more convenient than ever with this A/C outlet portable charger from Jackery. It comes with a standard USB and USB-C port along with a formidable 28,000 mAh battery and weighs only 1.5 pounds.

  • DroneGun Tactical - Portable Drone Countermeasure

    DroneGun Tactical – Portable Drone Countermeasure

    Are you sick of real estate agents getting aerial footage of new listings in your area? Drone Shield has you covered. Finally a safe way to bring down those quadcopters from the sky without having to fire a single shot. The DroneGun Tactical. The DroneGun Tactical provides a safe countermeasure against a wide range of drone models. Relying on Spaceballs.. Read More

  • nScope Portable Electronics Lab

    nScope Portable Electronics Lab

    nScope advertises itself to consumers the same way I advertise myself to ladies*: safe enough for beginners, powerful enough for experts. nScope is a portable electronics workbench that connects to any laptop to produce a USB-powered oscilloscope, function generator, and power supply. Its creators, who originally designed the system to help teach electronic circuits to engineering students, hope that nScope.. Read More

  • Portable Electric Mixer Cup

    Portable Electric Mixer Cup

    Yeah I would like a smoothie, milkshake, triple salted caramel mocha frappuccino, and frozen margarita homemade at my desk. With this portable drink mixer, I’ll no longer have to lug my blender to work to enjoy freshly blended fruity, coffee, and, best of all, spiked-y beverages on the go. The 16-ounce blending container even detaches from its battery-operated motor base.. Read More

  • Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Bong

    Roll-uh-Bowl Portable Bong

    Roll-uh-Bowl is your foldable, portable, indestructible bong on the go. A waterpipe for the adventurer, the backwoods trekker, the beach bum, the guy who drops, knocks, and sits on things a lot. Roll-uh-Bowl folds and stores just about anywhere when not in use thanks to its 100% silicone composition, and will inject no toxins into your body other than those.. Read More

  • PowerBar - Portable AC Power Outlet

    PowerBar – Portable AC Power Outlet

    The Jackery PowerBar lets you take the wall with you! Well, the outlet in the wall anyway. This portable AC power outlet provides the same charge you get from the same 3-prong plug you get it from in standard wall outlets, but removes the tether of the wall itself. Take it outside camping, in the car and on the plane,.. Read More

  • Portable Ice Maker

    Portable Ice Maker

    Now that the days are getting longer it’s time to start stocking up for summer! Or if BBQs at the park and your Bartender-on-a-Bike business are still too distant of a vision, you might find one of these portable ice makers comes in handy at the office for Friday happy hour. Or in your college dorm room for pre-funking before.. Read More

  • SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    SanDisk Extreme Portable SSD

    You can dangle your data from a pack strap with SanDisk’s Extreme Portable SSD. At 1.95″ x 3.79″ x 0.35″ the drive is smaller than a smartphone, and easy to slip in a pocket or clip to a bag for data transfer on-the-go. This SSD also has a rugged build, with a shock-resistant solid state core and an IP55 rating.. Read More

  • Portable Hookahs Vaporizer Pens

    Portable Hookahs Vaporizer Pens

    I can’t tell you which vaporizer pen is the best. I can’t even decide for myself. Pax, Atmos, Titan, Snoop Dogg Double G…so many to choose from! I feel like a girl trying to pick out nail polish! What I can tell you, though, is where to go to buuuuy allllll of themmmmm! Like the voice of God. Or, more probably given.. Read More

  • Estream Portable Water Power Generator

    Estream Portable Water Power Generator

    What if I don’t want to disconnect? What if I don’t want to see another person for miles, but do want to keep listening to “Love Yourself” and checking to see if Bieber restored his Instagram account? And also have a way to call for help if I take a slight misstep and fall down dancing to “As Long As You Love.. Read More