Best Gift Ideas 2019

  • Jumbo Penis Body Pillow

    Jumbo Penis Body Pillow

    One night with this jumbo penis body pillow and you’ll never want to go back to your old pillow. This playful and lovable dick features a magnificently soft and girthy four foot long shaft along with two plump testes that will cradle head and neck while your relax in comfort.

  • Why I Must Have Sex With You Checklist

    Why I Must Have Sex With You Checklist

    Make your intentions crystal clear with this “Why I Must Have Sex With You” checklist. This hilarious gift for bachelors and bachelorettes comes with a slew of different reasons for why you want to get a certain person into the sack.

  • Scorpion Fantasy Knife

    Scorpion Fantasy Knife

    While it won’t do you much use in battle, the Scorpion Fantasy knife makes the perfect display piece for any den or man cave. Measuring 15″ long, this ornate scorpion comes accented with 12 razor sharp stainless steel blades – with the largest blade measuring 5.5″While it won’t do you much use in battle, the Scorpion Fantasy knife makes the.. Read More

  • I Will Murder You Card

    I Will Murder You Card

    Who better to help you out in your love life than dear old Jason Voorhees? This horrifyingly sweet “I Will Murder You” card depicts Jason dressed in his best hockey mask while holding a romantic card and a lovely bouquet instead of his usual blood-soaked machete.

  • Merlot Scented Wine Cork Candles

    Merlot Scented Wine Cork Candles

    Breathe new life into old wine bottles by turning them into ornate candle holders with these Merlot scented wine cork candles. The set includes six cork shaped candles that release a pleasant Merlot scent when burned – they’re the perfect gift for any wine lover.

  • World’s Ugliest Pet Hair Remover

    World’s Ugliest Pet Hair Remover

    The world’s ugliest pet hair remover may not look pretty, but god damn it sure is effective at doing its job. This turd-styled cleaner will easily help you sweep away pet fur from your carpet, furniture and even your car’s interior.

  • Personalized Heat Reactive Mug

    Personalized Heat Reactive Mug

    You’d be crazy NOT to drink out of a mug that doesn’t have your beautiful face plastered all over it! These heat reactive mugs can be customized with any face you want, and make the perfect gift idea for someone who truly loves themselves!

  • Men’s Anti-Chafe Swim Trunks

    Men’s Anti-Chafe Swim Trunks

    Avoid having to cut your beach day short because of gnarly irritation in your nether regions by slipping into a pair of these men’s anti-chafe swim trunks. Apart from the stylish design, they feature an ultra soft interior liner to ensure maximum comfort throughout the entire day.

  • Skull Handbag

    Skull Handbag

    Whether you’re heading out for a night on the town or a Halloween party, this incredibly stylish skull handbag is the perfect accessory. This fashionable and sinister looking handbag features a chic all-black design and opens up at the top of the skull via a handy zipper.

  • Death Star Engagement Ring Box

    Death Star Engagement Ring Box

    What better way for a loyal Imperialist to pop the big question than by using this Death Star engagement ring box?! This masterfully made and detailed ring box accurately depicts The Empire’s deadliest weapon and can be 3D printed in either plastic or metal.

  • Custom Pet Canvas Portraits

    Custom Pet Canvas Portraits

    Show the world how much you love your pet by adding some style to your plain walls with one of these custom pet canvas portraits. Apart from a framed print, you can also choose to have you pet’s likeness immortalized on everything from coffee mugs to comfy pillows.

  • Real Nature Nourishing Face Masks

    Real Nature Nourishing Face Masks

    Keep your appearance looking as radiant as ever by pampering yourself with these real nature nourishing face masks. They’re made from soothing all-natural ingredients that will help with everything from firming to moisturizing depending what mask you apply.