The Flashlight That Runs On Any Battery

  • The Flashlight That Runs On Any Battery

    The Flashlight That Runs On Any Battery

    The flashlight that runs on any battery is the flashlight we’ve all been waiting for. The Any-Battery flashlight from Panasonic will work with either AAA, AA, C, or D batteries and can be utilized as either a flashlight or a lantern.

  • Portable Travel Slow Cooker

    Portable Travel Slow Cooker

    Who says you can’t get a warm home cooked meal while you’re out on the road? This portable 8oz. capacity travel slow cooker comes with a rugged exterior and a special locking lid that prevents spills and ensures your food stays piping hot for hours.

  • Anatomically Correct Heart Bath Bombs

    Anatomically Correct Heart Bath Bombs

    Help the over-worked and over-stressed med student in your life relax a little by surprising them with this anatomically correct heart bath bomb. Upon being dropped into a warm tub, the heart begins to dissolve and release a blend of soothing oils and fragrances.

  • Half Pint Beer Glass

    Half Pint Beer Glass

    No self respecting beer lover’s home bar would be complete without a few of these half pint beer glasses. It can hold up to 8.4 ounces and features a long slender design that will make them a sure-fire conversation piece with all your drinking buddies.

  • Steep Assist Roof Ladder

    Steep Assist Roof Ladder

    Climbing up and working on your roof is now more convenient than ever with the Steep Assist roof ladder. This compact ladder hooks onto the top of your roof so that you can easily grab onto the handles along the pole and climb up and down safely.

  • Instant Cure Super Glue

    Instant Cure Super Glue

    Every other adhesive in your home just became obsolete thanks to Total Repair – the instant cure super glue. This revolutionary light-curing adhesive dries ten times faster than regular super glue, can fill gaps, and make precise repairs.

  • StickQuik Magnetic Tool Holder Set

    StickQuik Magnetic Tool Holder Set

    Ensure your most frequently used tools are always at hand by placing them on this magnetic tool holder set from StickQuik. These small but powerful Neodymium magnets come in a range of sizes so that you can accommodate a variety of different tools.

  • Complex Shapes All InOne Utility Knife

    Complex Shapes All In One Utility Knife

    If your next project requires more complicated cuts than a standard straight line, then Perfect Cut is the all-in-one utility knife for the job. This multi-purpose knife is designed to perform impeccable cuts on all types of materials ranging from cardboard to cloth.

  • Honda Super Quiet Portable Generators

    Honda Super Quiet Portable Generators

    Keep your electric devices going without having to endure hours of loud background noise by upgrading to these super quiet portable generators from Honda. This 2200-Watt 120-Volt generator operates at 48 to 57 dBA – which is a lower volume than a regular conversation.

  • Holla Teddy Bears

    Holla Teddy Bears

    Let a bad bitch know just how much you love dat badunkadunk with a tender message from the holla teddy bear. This super cuddly teddy features a lovable smile and a small monogrammed heart that lets that special someone know that you tryna holla though.

  • 11-Foot Teddy Bear

    11-Foot Teddy Bear

    Transform your bedroom into the ultimate snuggle spot by bringing in this giant 11-foot teddy bear. This enormous teddy features a jubilant expression on his face along with an ultra soft exterior and an even fluffier interior that makes him ideal for laying on top of.

  • Love Is Art Canvas And Paint Kit

    Love Is Art Canvas And Paint Kit 945 saves

    Turn the art of love making into literal art by getting down with the “love is art” canvas and paint kit. Creating your erotic masterpiece is easy – simply cover you and your lover’s body in paint, climb on top of the blank canvas, and start getting freaky!