Doctor Who

  • Doctor Who LEGO Kit

    Doctor Who LEGO Kit

    Role play the Doctor’s most iconic timey-wimey adventures by building your own TARDIS with this Doctor Who LEGO kit. The kit includes a console room, TARDIS, and four minifigures – the Eleventh Doctor, Clara Oswald, a Weeping Angel, and two Daleks.

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Suit

    Doctor Who TARDIS Suit

    Look like the most dapper reincarnation of the iconic Time Lord by dressing up in this Doctor Who TARDIS suit. The exterior of this electric blue suit comes outfitted with series-accurate accents on the jacket as well as a fully colored graphic of the time machine’s interior.

  • Cardboard TARDIS Cat House

    Cardboard TARDIS Cat House

    Turn your feline into the furriest Time Lord this side of the pond by moving him into this cardboard TARDIS cat house. It’s made from 100% recyclable corrugated cardboard and is styled like a mini TARDIS – complete with windows and the iconic blue “police box” sign.

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Wall Light

    Doctor Who TARDIS Wall Light

    Give your bedroom some timey-wimey flair using this Doctor Who TARDIS wall light. When hung on the wall, it emits a soft golden glow from the small windows and creates the illusion the Doctor’s iconic TARDIS is traveling through space and time.

  • TARDIS Backpack

    TARDIS Backpack

    Tote your gear around in true Whovian fashion with this nifty TARDIS backpack. This eye-catching felt backpack comes styled like the Doctor’s iconic time travelling TARDIS – providing you with ample space to store all your stuff.

  • Doctor Who Dress

    Doctor Who Dress

    Fashion yourself like a time travelling spaceship in the cutest way possible with the Doctor Who dress. This trendy garment sports the iconic blue police call box the Doctor uses to travel through space and time, and is a must have for any die-hard Whovian.

  • TARDIS Light Up Lawn Decoration

    TARDIS Light Up Lawn Decoration

    Give your patio a little timey whimey flair by adding to the landscape using this TARDIS light up lawn decoration. Standing a mighty thirty inches tall, the iconic TARDIS is internally illuminated to provide great accent lighting.

  • Doctor Who Weeping Angel Mask

    Doctor Who Weeping Angel Mask

    Transform yourself into one of the most feared creatures in the universe using this Weeping Angel mask. This officially licensed wearable mask comes with mesh over the eye holes so you can clearly see without showing your eyes.

  • Dalek Cupcake Wraps and Toppers

    Dalek Cupcake Wraps and Toppers

    Make the most delicious – and dangerous – treats in the galaxy with the Dalek cupcake wraps and toppers. These custom designed wraps and toppers transform your baked goods into pint sized versions of the sinister extraterrestrials known as the Daleks.

  • TARDIS Engagement Ring Box

    TARDIS Engagement Ring Box

    Propose to your loved one for better or worse, in sickness and health, through space and time with the Doctor Who spinning TARDIS engagement ring birch wood box – til the end of regeneration cycles do you part.

  • Doctor Who TARDIS Engagement Ring

    Doctor Who TARDIS Engagement Ring

    Tell your beloved she’s the one in true Whovian fashion by popping the question with the Doctor Who TARDIS engagement ring. The double band comes studded with diamonds and showcases a small blue sapphire studded TARDIS in the center.

  • Doctor Who Dalek Cake Mold

    Doctor Who Dalek Cake Mold

    Make your birthday one to remember with the Doctor Who Dalek cake mold. The mold enables you to whip up some intricately shaped Dalek cakes any Doctor Who fan would drool over. Just the sight of this tasty cake is enough to make you want to exterminate it in one sitting.