• Pokemon Poke Ball Pet Carrier Backpack

    Pokemon Poke Ball Pet Carrier Backpack

    Feel like a trainer toting around their top Pokemon by placing your little furry friend inside this Poke Ball pet carrier backpack. It comes with a clear bubble window, ventilation holes at the bottom, and is large enough for small pets in between 4-5 kg.

  • Replica Pokeball Display Jar

    Replica Pokeball Display Jar

    Get an up close and personal view into the cramped living quarters of captured Pokemon by adding this replica Pokeball display jar to your growing collection. The Pokeball is skillfully hand crafted to be as lifelike as possible.

  • Squirtle Pet Costume

    Squirtle Pet Costume

    Turn your little furry friend into a real Pokemon with this adorable Squirtle costume designed for puppies & kitties, or just small pets. It’ll help keep them warm with this tailor made costume during the cold winter season.

  • Chocolate Pokeball Maker

    Chocolate Pokeball Maker

    Give your little Pokemon trainers a sugar rush for the ages by making them some savory chocolate pokeballs. Using this special mold, you’ll be able to craft chocolaty pokeballs – complete with a fully edible chocolate Pokemon inside.

  • Poké Ball Lunchbox

    Poké Ball Lunchbox

    Becoming a Pokemon master is hard work – stay fueled up by packing a nutritious meal inside this poke ball lunchbox. It features an integrated handle and push button design that conveniently opens the lunchbox in half.

  • Pikachu Butt Plug Phone Charger

    Pikachu Butt Plug Phone Charger

    Keep your phone juiced up with help from your favorite electric type Pokemon by plugging it into this Pikachu butt plug phone charger. Just insert the USB directly into Pikachu’s gaping butthole and watch as he uses his powerful thundershock attack to charge.

  • Pokeball LEGO Set

    Pokeball LEGO Set

    Buy yourself a little downtime during the day by keeping your little Pokemon master busy with this pokeball LEGO set. This geeky 154 piece set comes with easy to follow instructions that show you how to craft a 3.5″ diameter LEGO pokeball.

  • Pokemon Styled Cupcakes

    Pokemon Styled Cupcakes

    Keep your little Pokemon trainers happy and full by having them snack on these delicious Pokemon styled cupcakes. These handmade edibles can be customized with one of 1 of 17 different flavors and decorated in 12 distinct Pokemon styles.

  • Pikachu Rice Mold

    Pikachu Rice Mold

    Never eat alone again! Using this Pikachu rice mold you’ll be able to have lunch with your favorite Pokemon everyday. It’s made from a durable polyester resin that is dishwasher safe and can withstand temperatures up to 100 degrees.

  • Handmade Stuffed Pokemon Toys

    Handmade Stuffed Pokemon Toys

    Fulfill your dream of cuddling with your favorite Pokemon by picking up one of these cute handmade stuffed Pokemon toys. They feature a handcrafted polymer clay face along with a soft and very huggable faux-fur covered body.

  • Pokeball Necklace

    Pokeball Necklace

    Look like the ultimate trainer – even when you’re not out catching Pokemon – by accenting your look with this pokeball necklace. This geeky necklace comes with a small red and white pokeball pendant ideal for any stylish trainer.

  • DIY 3D Printed Pokedex iPhone Case

    DIY 3D Printed Pokedex iPhone Case

    Look like a legitimate trainer while you’re out catching Pokemon by protecting your phone with this DIY 3D printed Pokedex iPhone case. This fun DIY kit comes with everything necessary to transform your plain smartphone into a cool and eye-catching Pokedex.