• Portal Earrings

    Portal Earrings

    Introducing the latest design straight off the Aperture Laboratories production line, these highly experimental and wildly unstable Portal earrings are a must have for gamers. You also get your choice of sterling silver or gold for these geeky stud earrings.

  • Portal Companion Cube Rubiks Cube

    Portal Companion Cube Rubiks Cube

    Solve the mystery of the promised cake with this solvable Portal Companion Cube themed Rubik’s Cube. Available in either the original Portal 1 Companion Cube or Portal 2 Companion Cube style, this geeky Rubik’s Cube is a must have for gamers.

  • Portal Cookie Cutters

    Portal Cookie Cutters

    The cake might have been a lie, but Portal themed cookies more than make up for it. With all the classic shapes like the companion cube, turret, and running subjects, these Portal cookie cutters are the perfect baking tool to make some deliciously geeky cookies.

  • Portal Mirrors

    Portal Mirrors

    Spice up your room’s decor in true gamer fashion with these mind blowing Portal mirrors. The set of oval mirrors is fitted with a custom led rim that shines in vibrant blue and orange to create the illusion you have fully functional portals in your home.

  • Aperture Laboratories Cake Mix

    Aperture Laboratories Cake Mix

    The cake isn’t a lie! At long last you can bake and devour your very own delectable Portal themed cake with help from this officially licensed Aperture Laboratories cake mix that includes everything you need to get started. Your test subjects friends will be pleased.

  • Portal Cube Cookie Jar

    Portal Cube Cookie Jar

    The cake may have been a lie, but cookies will definitely be served with this Portal Companion Cube Cookie Jar. This officially licensed Portal cookie jar is the perfect addition to any geek’s kitchen and also works great as candy serving jar too.

  • Portal Bookends

    Portal Bookends

    Give your home library a Portal theme to it with these clever designed Portal bookends. With an entrance and exit portal used as the bookends, these bookends are perfect for adding some geeky decor to your home or office.

  • Portal Turret Flashlight

    Portal Turret Flashlight

    Keep your poorly lit room well defended with the Portal Turret Flashlight. While this Portal Turret has had it’s dual machine guns disabled for civilian use, it does speak to you with classic lines from the Portal video game and makes a great stocking stuffer gift.

  • Replica Portal Gun

    Replica Portal Gun

    The technology to create portals may not exist yet, but in the mean time you can use your imagination to relive all those fun puzzles with these incredibly detailed replica portal guns. These 1:1 scale replica guns have blue and orange LEDs, and trigger firing sounds.