Star Trek

  • Star Trek Mood Light Rock

    Star Trek Mood Light Rock

    Recreate one of the most memorable scenes in the original Star Trek series using this handpainted mood light lock. Just like in the episode “The Enemy Within”, you’ll be able to use your Type-1 phaser to “heat” the rock, thus creating some quaint ambient lighting.

  • Star Trek Sun Shield

    Star Trek Sun Shield

    Take a road trip with the original crew of the Enterprise by keeping your car cool with the Star Trek sun shield. The shield blocks out harmful UV rays and features a retro design that makes it look like Captain Kirk, Spock, Scotty, and Bones are sitting inside your car.

  • Han Solo Frozen Light Switch Cover

    Han Solo Frozen Light Switch Cover

    Complete your Star Wars themed room with this Han Solo frozen in carbonite light switch cover. Though his body may be frozen, his ‘lightsaber’ remains functional and acts as the on and off switch – which only adds to Han Solo’s undeniable sex appeal.

  • 3D Printed Star Trek Action Figures

    3D Printed Star Trek Action Figures

    Live long and prosper beyond your mortal years with these personalized 3D printed Star Trek action figures. The Star Trek figurine creation process is simple – just upload a photo of yourself, choose a body type, and let the 3D printing do its magic.

  • Star Trek Spock Dog Hoodie

    Star Trek Spock Dog Hoodie

    As a Trekkie, it’s only logical that you would want to dress up your little pooch in the Star Trek Spock dog hoodie. Based on Spock’s uniform from the original series, it’s available in various sizes and features a cute little hood complete with Spock’s pointy ears.

  • Star Trek Vulcan Beanie

    Star Trek Vulcan Beanie

    Live long and prosper in style with these Star Trek Vulcan Beanies with attached ear covers. These incredibly geeky Vulcan hats will keep your head warm while also turning you into an enlightened, emotionless, and perfectly logical being. Kid’s sizes are also available.

  • Star Trek USS Enterprise Frisbee

    Star Trek USS Enterprise Frisbee

    Take command of the USS Enterprise as you engage in a rousing game of frisbee with the Star Trek USS Enterprise frisbee. Shaped like the USS Enterprise from the original series, you simply grab on to the saucer and throw it in the most logical way possible.

  • Star Trek Onesie

    Star Trek Onesie

    No other garment in the entire galaxy is more suitable for your little Trekkie than the Star Trek onesie. Your bundle of joy will be ready for any mission or nap once they’re suited up in the ultra soft onesie made from organic cotton knit. It’s the ideal gift for any Trekkie parent.

  • Star Trek Starship Enterprise Rocker

    Star Trek Starship Enterprise Rocker

    Give your little trekkie an out-of-this-world ride on this Star Trek Starship Enterprise rocker. The rocker is intended for kids ranging from 4-5 years old and is meticulously handcrafted from wood to resemble the Starfleet’s iconic USS Enterprise.

  • Star Trek Uniform Bedding Set

    Star Trek Uniform Bedding Set

    Boldly slumber like no man has ever slumbered on this Star Trek uniform bedding. These geeky linens are styled like the iconic red command uniforms from The Next Generation and are available in twin XL, queen, and king sizes.

  • Starship Enterprise Necklace

    Starship Enterprise Necklace

    Boldly go where no geeky piece of jewelry has gone before with this stylish Starship Enterprise necklace. It’s designed in the likeness of the iconic ship from Star Trek and comes in either a rodium gold or sterling silver version decorated with diamonds.

  • Star Trek Planetary Glassware Set

    Star Trek Planetary Glassware Set

    Travel to far off planets like Vulcan and Romulus next time you enjoy a refreshing beverage by drinking out of this Star Trek planetary glassware set. The set includes four 10-ounce planet glasses and a neat Borg Cube shot glass.