• Shelby Legendary Cars

    Shelby Legendary Cars

    Shelby Legendary Cars is giving you a chance to own a piece of automotive history by bringing back two iconic models – the Shelby Cobra Daytona and the Shelby FIA Cobra. Each of the 50 cars produced for this limited series will bear a CSX2000 Shelby serial number.

  • Ariel Atom 4

    Ariel Atom 4

    Transform any empty road into your own personal playground by hitting the pavement behind the wheel of the Ariel Atom 4. It features an incredibly strong yet lightweight chassis, and boasts a 306 horsepower motor that tops out at a respectable 162 miles per hour.

  • Transformers Optimus Prime Plushie

    Transformers Optimus Prime Plushie

    Give your offspring an out of this world gift with the Transformers Optimus Prime plushie. This soft and cuddly Transformer is made from felt in the likeness of the great and powerful leader of the Autobots – Optimus Prime. It makes a great gift for fans of the classic cartoon.

  • Transformers Bumblebee Hoodie

    Transformers Bumblebee Hoodie

    Add a bit of spark to your plain wardrobe and show support for the Autobots with the fashionable Transformers Bumblebee Hoodie. This comfy sweater is decorated to look like the fearless Autobot warrior when zipped all the way up.

  • Recycled Metal Transformer Statue

    Recycled Metal Transformer Statue

    Upgrade your humble abode’s curb appeal by bringing in this recycled metal Transformer statue. This metallic work of art is composed entirely from recycled automobile and bike parts in the likeness of the iconic Bumblebee.

  • Recycled Metal Bumblebee Statue

    Recycled Metal Bumblebee Statue

    Beef up your home’s security and ward off burglars and solicitors by enlisting the services of the recycled metal Bumblebee statue. Standing over six feet tall, it towers over most human peasants and is intricately designed with dozens of discarded scrap metal parts.

  • Optimus Prime Stained Glass Lamp

    Optimus Prime Stained Glass Lamp

    Get ready to roll out from the darkness of the night – into the light upon flipping the Optimus Prime stained glass lamp on. This beautifully crafted Transformers lamp captures the mighty leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime in all his glory.

  • Transformers Bumblebee Statue

    Transformers Bumblebee Statue

    Lawn gnomes just became obsolete. Protect your home from solicitors and burglars with this life size Transformers Bumblebee statue. Standing over seven and half feet tall, this Transformers statue will easily become your favorite home decoration.

  • Giant Dieselpunk Transformer

    Giant Dieselpunk Transformer

    Spend some quality time with the Autobots by adding the giant Transformer to your backyard’s landscape. This colossal statue stands at nearly six and a half feet tall and features a powerful and intricately designed body made from recycled materials.

  • Transformers Bumblebee Ring

    Transformers Bumblebee Ring

    Wear more than meets the eye by accenting your outfit with the Transformers Bumblebee ring. Crafted in the likeness of everyone’s favorite Transformer, its made from a sterling silver frame accentuated with gold plating and diamonds.

  • Transformers Pen

    Transformers Pen

    Kick your ADD into high gear when you take the Transformers pen to work or school. Just like the Transformers, there’s more to this pen than meets the eye – providing you with a fully functional pen, and doubling as a kick-ass action figure.

  • Optimus Prime Statue

    Optimus Prime Statue

    Recycling and steampunk will never look better than they do on this Optimus Prime statue. Standing nearly nine feet tall and weighing in at over a thousand pounds, this steampunk Optimus Prime statue is an incredible art piece for both geeks and steampunks enthusiasts.