Gadgets + Accessories

  • 1TB MicroSD Card

    1TB MicroSD Card

    Take your smartphone’s storage capacity to the next level with this 1TB microSD from SanDisk. This waterproof, shockproof, and x-ray proof card has an insane storage capacity and boasts read speeds of 90 MB/s and write speeds of 60MB/s.

  • Reusable Airtight Plastic Bags

    Reusable Airtight Plastic Bags

    Ensure your valuables survive your next camping trip by placing them inside these reusable airtight plastic bags. The bags feature a leak-proof seal and a transparent design that allows you to easily see what’s inside – making them ideal for storing food, gear, or electronics.

  • The Phone Jail

    The Phone Jail

    Help others curb their smartphone addiction by placing their beloved device inside the phone jail. It features a tamper-proof design, can fit up to six smartphones, and can be locked from the outside – it’s the perfect way to keep your kids form over-using their phones.

  • MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

    MW60 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

    If you consider rich high fidelity audio important, the MW60 wireless over-ear headphones were made for you. These technically sophisticated headphones provide rich warm sound while offering the perfect balance of aesthetics, strength, and comfort.

  • Acer Mixed Reality Headset

    Acer Mixed Reality Headset

    Experience the freedom to create the content that you imagine with the Acer mixed reality headset. It combines both mixed reality and virtual reality while tracking your movements using a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer for an unrivaled experience.

  • Interactive Touchscreen Projector

    Interactive Touchscreen Projector

    This interactive touschscreen projector transforms any flat surface into your own personal touchscreen. This WiFi and Bluetooth enabled standalone projector features an ultra-short focusing lens that can project a 100″ screen while being only 20″ from the wall.

  • Pitbull Hair Clippper

    Pitbull Hair Clippper

    Easily achieve the perfect clean shave by swapping out your old clippers for the Pitbull hair clipper. It features a sensible and easy-to-grip design equipped with five separate flexible and independently articulating heads that will perfectly contour to your skull.

  • Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor

    Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor

    If e-sports are your thing, the Razor Raptor 27 gaming monitor is an absolute must have! This unbeatable gaming monitor, rated at 400 with 420 nits is able to render deeper and richer blacks while displaying vivid colors in their full spectrum for paralleled results.

  • DualFuel Portable Lighter & Powerbank

    DualFuel Portable Lighter & Powerbank

    Upgrade your everyday carry with the DualFuel stainless steel pocket powerbank. This revolutionary everyday carry gadget combines a compact 1250mAh powerbank charger with a flameless electric coil lighter so you can charge or light up at any time!

  • Reusable Adhesive Pocket Storage

    Reusable Adhesive Pocket Storage

    Keep your most-used personal items handy at all times by placing them inside this reusable adhesive pocket storage. It comes with an adhesive backing that easily sticks onto any flat and dust-free surface making it ideal for everywhere from your desk to your laptop.

  • DJI Smart Drone Controller

    DJI Smart Drone Controller

    Make the most out of your next flight by upgrading to the DJI smart drone controller. It automatically switches between 2.4 and 5.8 GHz to reduce environmental interference and boasts a 5.5″ 1080p screen that displays crisp images even in adverse weather.

  • Sphero Programmable All Terrain Rover

    Sphero Programmable All Terrain Rover

    If you enjoy building and tinkering around you’ll love the Sphero programmable all-terrain rover. Driveable right out of the box, this little motorized rover comes fitted with ribbed treads that allow it to easily drive across all types of rough and challenging terrain.