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  • Dual & Triple Screen Portable Monitor

    Dual & Triple Screen Portable Monitor

    Boost your productivity and multi-task like never before by upgrading to TRIO – the dual and triple screen portable monitor. Compatible with Mac, Linux, Windows, Chrome, and Android, the screens set up in a snap and are available in two different size options.

  • LG 49″ Ultra Wide Monitor

    LG 49″ Ultra Wide Monitor

    Exponentially increase your productivity when you upgrade your workstation with this massive 49″ ultra wide monitor from LG. Unveiled at CES, LG’s newst monitor features a 32:9 aspect ratio curved screen and a pixel count of 5120 x 1440.

  • Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor

    Razer Raptor Gaming Monitor

    If e-sports are your thing, the Razor Raptor 27 gaming monitor is an absolute must have! This unbeatable gaming monitor, rated at 400 with 420 nits is able to render deeper and richer blacks while displaying vivid colors in their full spectrum for paralleled results.

  • Dog Bowtie Activity Monitor

    Dog Bowtie Activity Monitor

    Help your furry friend stay fit while looking dapper by placing this dog bowtie activity monitor on them. This stylish and useful waterproof device syncs with your smartphone to provide you with a real-time analysis of what your dog is doing.

  • Pet GPS TrackerActivity Monitor

    Pet GPS Tracker/Activity Monitor

    Keep your furry friend from getting lost by strapping this pet GPS tracker/activity monitor on them. It allows you to track and record up to 8 hours of your pet’s movements so you can monitor their fitness levels and get alerts when they venture outside their boundaries.

  • Asus Zenscreen Portable USB Monitor

    Asus Zenscreen Portable USB Monitor

    Upgrade your mobile workstation by plugging in the Asus Zenscreen portable USB monitor to your laptop or tablet. This 15.6 inch LCD monitor is compatible with USB Type-C and Type-A sources and weights just 1.7 pounds so you can easily carry it around.

  • Samsung 49″ Curved Gaming Monitor

    Samsung 49″ Curved Gaming Monitor

    Experience your favorite games in a whole new light with the Samsung 49″ curved gaming monitor. Equivalent to two side by side 16:9 monitors, this giant 32:9 super ultra-wide screen allows for seamless multitasking along with a rapid 144Hz refresh rate.

  • Samsung Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor

    Samsung Curved 49-Inch Gaming Monitor

    It only takes a few minutes in front of the Samsung CHG90 curved 49-inch gaming monitor to never want to leave your room again. This ultra wide QLED monitor features a 3,840 x 1,080 resolution along with an impressive 32:9 aspect ratio.

  • Luggage Tracking Monitor

    Luggage Tracking Monitor

    Keep a close eye on your valuables while travelling with the luggage tracking monitor. Once placed inside the desired bag, it allows you to use your phone to keep tabs on it’s location once the plane lands so you have one less thing to worry about while abroad.

  • Heart Rate Monitor Wristband

    Heart Rate Monitor Wristband

    Keep an eye on the old ticker as you perform your daily physical activities by wearing the heart rate monitor wristband. It tracks your heart rate, workouts, and calories burned and displays them on a convenient OLED display.

  • Wearable Hydration Monitor

    Wearable Hydration Monitor

    Keep your body running at optimum levels by strapping on this wearable hydration monitor. Apart from tracking your body’s hydration levels, it simultaneously monitors your heart rate, activity, sleep, and calories to help you maximize your nutrition.

  • Vertical Second Monitor Laptop Stand

    Vertical Second Monitor Laptop Stand

    Reduce desk clutter without sacrificing productivity by outfitting your PC with this vertical second monitor laptop stand. It features a highly portable tri-fold design and maintains the monitor at eye level so you can work more comfortably and efficiently.