Adventure Mate 5-In-1 Survival Tool

  • Adventure Mate 5-In-1 Survival Tool

    Adventure Mate 5-In-1 Survival Tool

    Meet the Adventure Mate-V2 – an outdoorsmans best friend. This ultra versatile 5-in-1 survival tool’s space-saving design allows you to configure it into a shovel, a hammer, a saw, a hatchet, and even a tent peg hook – making it a campsite essential.

  • XQUAD Smart GPS Tracker For Groups

    XQUAD Smart GPS Tracker For Groups

    Locate your entire team almost instantly with the Xquad smart GPS tracker for groups. This ultra handy gadget lets you easily locate your entire squad at a glance without requiring the use of Bluetooth, WiFi, phones, or cellphone networks.

  • The Power Claw Power Strip

    The Power Claw Power Strip

    The Power Claw is the ingeniously designed power strip that you can clamp onto just about anything. This toolbox essential comes with 3 grounded outlets and features a spring loaded clamp that allows it to lock onto any surface.

  • Candy G-String

    Candy G-String

    Drive your partner wild by appealing to their sweet tooth with this delectable candy G-String. These sensual undies are made entirely out of little heart-shaped multi-colored hard candies perfect for spicing things up in the bedroom.

  • Emergency Breathing System

    Emergency Breathing System

    Increase your chances of survival during a home fire by having this emergency breathing system at your side. This life saving device is designed to prevent smoke inhalation by filtering out chemical substances and removing carbon monoxide for up to five minutes.

  • Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Cannabis Infused Beverages

    Experience a high unlike any other by sipping your Mary Jane in the form of these cannabis infused beverages. These legal drinks contain a combination of fresh fruit juice and locally grown cannabis extract to produce a fruity drink that gives you a relaxing high.

  • Onmitsu Black Spider-Man

    Onmitsu Black Spider-Man

    Check out how your favorite web-slinger would look like had he lived in feudal Japan by adding this amazing Onmitsu Black Spider-Man to your collection. Apart from his ensemble, Spidey comes a Japanese Katana set, interchangeable hands, and a kaginawa web hook.

  • Ocean Waves Coffee Table

    Ocean Waves Coffee Table

    Bring the beauty, majesty, and serenity of the beach right into your living room with this surreal ocean waves coffee table. This handmade gem features a solid walnut and steel construction that will ensure it lasts for years to come.

  • I’ll Feed All You Fuckers Apron

    I’ll Feed All You Fuckers Apron

    This “I’ll Feed All You Fuckers” apron makes the perfect gift for the loud-mouthed grill master in your life. Each of these comical aprons comes with long ties that will fit all sizes and has professionally hemmed edges, making them extremely durable.

  • White Truffle Hot Sauce

    White Truffle Hot Sauce

    Make everything you put in your mouth taste infinitely better and spicier with this white truffle hot sauce. This vegan-friendly gourmet sauce is made with the finest ingredients, including white truffle and ripe chili peppers with a Scoville Heat index of around 3,000!

  • Mountain Rose Succulents

    Mountain Rose Succulents

    Breathe life into any nook or cranny of your humble abode with these marvelous mountain rose succulents. With these seeds, you’ll be able to plant and grow your very own colorful rare mountain roses. They’re the perfect way to brighten up any garden.

  • Ultra Portable Underwater Drone

    Ultra Portable Underwater Drone

    This ultra portable underwater drone makes ocean exploration more convenient than ever. This small and very capable swimmer does the hard work for you – it will dive down to a depth of 32.8-feet and transmit what it captures directly to your smartphone.