Sphero Programmable All Terrain Rover

  • Sphero Programmable All Terrain Rover

    Sphero Programmable All Terrain Rover

    If you enjoy building and tinkering around you’ll love the Sphero programmable all-terrain rover. Driveable right out of the box, this little motorized rover comes fitted with ribbed treads that allow it to easily drive across all types of rough and challenging terrain.

  • Casper Self-Dimming Smart Night Light

    Casper Self-Dimming Smart Night Light

    If you have trouble falling asleep at night, then the Capser self-dimming smart night light is just what you need! This bedside light emits a soft warm glow that gradually dims over a period of 45 minutes to help lull you into a calming and deep sleep.

  • Two Person Foldable Kayak

    Two Person Foldable Kayak

    The Oru Kayak is the two person foldable kayak that will let you explore almost any waterway you come across on your excursion. The kayak can be assembled in just 10 minutes, supports up to 500 pounds, and comes with features like a roomy cockpit and buckle closure system.

  • Sno-Go Bike

    Sno-Go Bike

    Reimagine what you thought was possible on snow by hitting the slopes on the Sno-Go Bike. It can be adjusted to accommodate riders ranging from 5’2″ to 6’1″ while the bold design provides for greater stability and control as you bomb your favorite hills.

  • Segway Ninebot One Wheel Scooter

    Segway Ninebot One Wheel Scooter

    If you’ve grown bored of riding around on those self balancing scooters and hoverboards give yourself a real challenge with the Segway Ninebot One wheel scooter. Weighing just 25 pounds, this fun ride comes with a 15 mile range and can reach a top speed of 12.5 mph.

  • Self Defense Security Flashlight

    Self Defense Security Flashlight

    Next time you hear a rumbling or strange noise coming from a dark corner, grab a hold of this self defense security flashlight before going to check it out. Apart from providing a steady light source, its long aluminum body doubles as the handy self defense club.

  • Van Gogh Starry Night Tape

    Van Gogh Starry Night Tape

    This vibrant and artful Starry Night tape makes the perfect addition for any stationary or craft drawer. Each roll measures 15 mm x 7 meters and displays Van Gogh’s iconic Starry Night masterpiece on its surface – making it ideal for art projects and scrapbooking.

  • The Smart Wooden Log Splitter

    The Smart Wooden Log Splitter

    Make quick work of the giant pile of logs in the yard by cutting them in record time by using the smart wooden log splitter. This high-quality tool helps you effortlessly split wooden logs using minimal force and without breaking your back.

  • Pressurized Beer Bong Funnel

    Pressurized Beer Bong Funnel

    Kick your partying up a notch or two by chugging your brew in record time using this pressurized explosive beer bong. The bong can be operated with a single hand just by pumping the pressure bulb and pushing the triggering valve.

  • Bubbly Blaster Champagne Sprayer

    Bubbly Blaster Champagne Sprayer

    Here’s a crazy new way to spray champagne that makes it even more fun and with less mess! The Bubbly Blaster is made for durable high-quality aluminum and brass and attaches to any champagne bottle, turning it into a long-lasting champagne cannon!

  • Ice Pop Flask

    Ice Pop Flask

    Stay hydrated and socially lubricated without arousing suspicion by sipping your hooch from this ice pop flask. This cleverly designed flask is styled to resemble a refreshing ice pop so that you can easily sip your liquor without looking like the raging alcoholic you actually are.

  • Dry Ice Drink Stirrers

    Dry Ice Drink Stirrers

    Add an eye-catching visual component to your cocktails by topping them off with a dry ice drink stirrer. Apart from helping you mix your drink, the dry ice creates an eerie fog over your cocktail – giving off the impression that it’s some sort of magical potion.