World’s Ugliest Pet Hair Remover

  • World’s Ugliest Pet Hair Remover

    World’s Ugliest Pet Hair Remover

    The world’s ugliest pet hair remover may not look pretty, but god damn it sure is effective at doing its job. This turd-styled cleaner will easily help you sweep away pet fur from your carpet, furniture and even your car’s interior.

  • RC Submarine Kit

    R/C Submarine Kit

    Put your down time to good use by building your very own R/C submarine using this neat kit. The fun little kit comes with all the essentials that you will require to bring this trusty sea-worthy and display-worthy vessel to life.

  • Personalized 3D Voice Sound Wave Art

    Personalized 3D Voice Sound Wave Art

    This personalized 3D voice sound wave art is the perfect way to show that special someone how much they mean to you. This truly one-of-a-kind work of art displays the unique sound wave created by your vocal cords along with a subtitled caption below.

  • The Stan Lee Story XXL

    The Stan Lee Story XXL

    Celebrate the fabulous life of one of the biggest names in comics by diving head first into the Stan Lee Story XXL. This brilliantly illustrated tome is packed with tons of amazing art in addition to loads of facts and anecdotes about the late, great Stan Lee.

  • Cigar Holding Glass

    Cigar Holding Glass

    Avoid having to put down your stogie every time you want to wet your whistle by drinking out of this cigar holding glass. This home bar must-have is ergonomically designed to securely hold your favorite cigar in place.

  • Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit

    Asgardian Ale Brewing Kit

    Earthly beer not doing it for you anymore? Fear not because now you can drink like the gods by brewing your own Asgardian Ale. With this kit you’ll be able to whip up a batch of some heavenly Norse sauce with a well-rounded character and hint of cheese whiz.

  • Liquid Body Flask

    Liquid Body Flask

    Add some style to your on-the-go drinking routine by pouring your happy juice inside this liquid body flask. The peculiar and striking shape of this six ounce capacity flask is achieved by inflating two welded sheets of stainless steel using water pressure.

  • RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

    RGB Battlestation Gaming Desk

    Give your gaming nook an other-worldly glow by upgrading to the RGB Battlestation gaming desk. This height-adjustable desk features a full mousepad surface and is accented by a lighting strip that you can customize to virtually any color imaginable.

  • All-Terrain Electric Scooter

    All-Terrain Electric Scooter

    Make any rugged trail your own personal playground by exploring it on this all-terrain electric scooter. This capable little ride is available in both 2-wheel and 4-wheel versions, can hit 30 miles per hour, and traverse 25 miles on a single charge.

  • The Lunar Landing Astronaut Knife

    The Lunar Landing Astronaut Knife

    Commemorate the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon with the astounding lunar landing Astronaut Knife. This limited edition knife is a replica of the M-1 knife, which was part of the survival pack aboard the spacecrafts on the Gemini and Apollo missions.

  • Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

    Telescoping Magnetic Pick-Up Tool

    Ensure nothing is left behind at the job site by collecting spare nails and metallic debris with this telescoping magnetic pick-up tool. It comes with a powerful magnet capable of pulling up to 15-pounds and can extend up to 30-inches.

  • Car Door Latch Mini Step

    Car Door Latch Mini Step

    Loading and strapping down your cargo and gear to your vehicle’s roof is easier than ever with this car door latch mini step. This dependable little accessory quickly attaches to your car’s door latch to provide you with a secure step so that you can safely access the car’s roof.