Rick And Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

  • Rick And Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

    Rick And Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons

    Go on the adventure of a lifetime with Rick and Morty vs. Dungeons & Dragons. In this epic crossover, Rick and the Smith clan are pulled into a D&D campaign that escalates from virtual simulations into alternate universes that are governed by the rules of the game.

  • Snorlax Cosplay Costume

    Snorlax Cosplay Costume

    Make a big splash at the next convention you attend by dressing up as the larger-than-life Snorlax. With these digital patterns and a little bit of work, you’ll be able to fashion yourself or your kid an eye-catching Snorlax costume.

  • Valyrian Steel Shaving Razors

    Valyrian Steel Shaving Razors

    Careful your grace, nothing cuts quite like Valyrian steel. These masterfully crafted face swords come equipped with top-notch razors what never go dull and are available in Game Of Thrones themed designs like Jon Snow’s Longclaw and Arya’s dagger.

  • Kinetic Spring Toy

    Kinetic Spring Toy

    Mesmerize everyone around you with this simple yet intriguing kinetic spring toy. Part kinetic sculpture and part toy, the kinetic spring is capable of providing hours upon hours of entertainment, and comes with a small pouch so you can take it anywhere.

  • Pokémon Charizard Lounger

    Pokémon Charizard Lounger

    Become the living embodiment of your favorite fire type Pokemon by jumping into this Pokemon Charizard lounger. This zany and incredibly comfy getup comes with cool accents like a face sewn onto the hood and imposing 5 foot wide wings sewn onto the arms.

  • Breaking Bad TV Prop Auction

    Breaking Bad TV Prop Auction

    Breaking Bad may be long gone but luckily you can still get you hands on Heisenberg’s best stuff. Prop store is auctioning off a large ziplock bag chock-full of the blue stuff, which is comprised of various sizes and shades of crystallized rock candy that has been dyed blue.

  • Sansa Stark Cosplay Dress

    Sansa Stark Cosplay Dress

    Transform yourself into the Lady of Winterfell by slipping into this Sansa Stark cosplay dress. This exquisite garment is hand-tailored to your specific measurements to ensure a perfect fit and is modeled on Sansa Stark’s all-black getup from season 7.

  • Demogorgon Inflatable Sprinkler

    Demogorgon Inflatable Sprinkler

    No need to open up an unstable portal to The Upside Down in order to cool off in style with this Demogorgon inflatable sprinkler. This 6-foot tall Demogorgon will easily hook up to any standard garden hose and shoot out a refreshing stream of water from its face.

  • Hollywood Dream Machines Exhibition

    Hollywood Dream Machines Exhibition

    Pop culture’s most iconic visions of dystopian, utopian, and other sci-fi worlds come to life in the Hollywood Dream Machines Exhibition. It will showcase iconic movie vehicles like the DeLorean time machine, the 2035 Audi RSQ from I, Robot, and multiple Batmobiles.

  • Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat

    Harry Potter Real Talking Sorting Hat

    See what Hogwarts house you’d be placed in if you attended the renowned school of wizardry with this Harry Potter real talking sorting hat. Simply place the hat on your head, press the button, and listen as the hat sorts you into your Hogwarts house.

  • Hogwarts Houses Wearable Blankets

    Hogwarts Houses Wearable Blankets

    Throw away those muggle-infested blankets and get yourself one of these magical Hogwarts houses wearable throw blankets! Made of soft & luxurious fleece with oversized loose fitting sleeves, it’ll shield you from the cold while leaving your hands free to cast spells!

  • Harry Potter Hagrid’s Lantern

    Harry Potter Hagrid’s Lantern

    Create a magically delightful ambiance by turning on Hagrid’s lantern. This officially-licensed human-sized lantern features screen accurate detailing and emits a soft yet comforting flickering yellow glow, just like Hagrid’s giant one.