Hover2 Self-Flying Drone

  • Hover2 Self-Flying Drone

    Hover2 Self-Flying Drone

    Capture amazing shots of your life from any angle by placing the Hover2 self-flying drone on the job. It boasts an omni-follow feature that keeps you inside the frame no matter what angle, resulting in incredible professional grade footage.

  • Throwable 360 Degree Action Camera

    Throwable 360 Degree Action Camera

    Get amazing aerial footage that no other action cam will match by capturing the shot with this throwable 360 degree action cam. It boasts twin ultra-wide lenses and omnidirectional image stabilization, captures video in 5.7K at 30 fps and has 2 slow motion modes.

  • Shanghai Wonderland Hotel

    Shanghai Wonderland Hotel

    Experience the beauty of the Sheshan Mountain range in total comfort by booking your stay at the luxurious Shanghai Wonderland hotel. It’s built into the side of an old rock quarry and boasts 337 gorgeous suites that offer breathtaking views of the landscape below.

  • The Bacteria Killing Robot

    The Bacteria Killing Robot

    Avoid sleeping in a cesspool of germs when you’re forced to sleep on questionable hotel beds by letting the bacteria killing robot loose in the sheets. It boasts 8 A.I. sensors in addition to 4 UV-C lamps that will kill 99.99% of germs and bacteria living in the sheets and blankets.

  • PWR27 Portable Power Station

    PWR27 Portable Power Station

    The PWR27 portable power station is the ultimate solution to all your charging needs. This A/C powerbank is equipped with a massive 27,000 mAh battery capable of charging up to 5 devices simultaneously and features an incredibly sturdy waterproof and dustproof casing.

  • Garmin Instinct Rugged GPS Smartwatch

    Garmin Instinct Rugged GPS Smartwatch

    Avoid getting lost when venturing through the great outdoors by strapping on the Garmin Instinct rugged GPS smartwatch. Apart from GPS, it boasts ultra useful features ranging from a 3-axis compass and barometric altimeter to a heart rate monitor.

  • Keysmart Leather Key Organizer

    Keysmart Leather Key Organizer

    Avoid having a cluster of constantly jingling keys moving around your pockets by placing them all in the Keysmart leather key organizer. This intelligently designed keychain allows you to easily and neatly store up to 10 keys that you can access at anytime.

  • Relay Kids Screenless Smartphone

    Relay Kids Screenless Smartphone

    Keep your little ones connected without over-exposing them to technology by getting them the Relay kids screenless smartphone. This water-resistant device allows for one-touch communication so that you can get in touch with your kid – no matter where they are.

  • Migrator Off-Road Camper

    Migrator Off-Road Camper

    Life on the road can be rough, unless you have the Migrator Off-Road Camper hitched to your ride. Despite its compact size, this rugged camper will provide you with all the comforts of home – from cozy sleeping quarters to a versatile little kitchen.

  • Droplet Off Grid Teardrop Trailer

    Droplet Off Grid Teardrop Trailer

    Transform any stretch of highway into your own home away from home by hitching the Droplet off-grid teardrop trailer to your ride. This all-season insulated trailer, comes with ample storage space, a self standing solar panel, kitchen space, and a comfy queen mattress.

  • Vivos xPoint Survival Bunker

    Vivos xPoint Survival Bunker

    Ensure you live to see another day when the apocalypse inevitably arrives by hunkering down in a Vivos xPoint survival bunker. Each bunker offers 2,200 square feet of space and can be fully customized to your preferences for maximum comfort.

  • Sawback Tactical Bowie Knife

    Sawback Tactical Bowie Knife

    Upgrade your everyday carry by adding this sawback tactical Bowie knife to your collection. This ultra versatile folding knife boasts a razor sharp 3.5″ serrated stainless steel blade along with life-saving features like a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter.